Participants Needed in MSA Drug Trial

There is significant activity in the areas of diagnosis and treatment trials of early MSA. Progress has been facilitated by a combined effort of the National Institute of Health through NINDS which has funded a program project specifically in MSA (P01 NS4 4233; Principal Investigator - Phillip Low MD) and a Autonomic Disorders Rare Disease Consortium (U54 NS0 65736; Principal Investigator - David Robertson MD). The study (below) is about to commence within a month or so:

Double blind placebo controlled study of Rifampicin in Multiple System Atrophy
Principal Investigator: Phillip Low
Co-Prinicipal Investigators: Sid Gilman, David Robertson

The goal of this trial is to test if Rifampicin will prevent progression of the disease. The major focus is on early MSA to evaluate if the progression of the disease can be prevented.

The study will recruit 100 subjects with early MSA and has a study duration of 12 months. There are 10 recruiting states in 8 states (California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee, Texas). Details of the study including specific sites and eligibility criteria are provided in the study's listing on the website.