January 30, 2014

CurePSP Receives Gift in Excess of $1 Million

CurePSP is pleased to announce that it has received a gift in excess of $1 million from the Julie E. Repasy Trust. The gift is one of the largest singular gifts ever received by the Foundation in its twenty four year history.

CurePSP plans to use this gift to support innovative research grants as part of its new $15 million Research Road Map initiative, which aims to accomplish five goals - identification of new drug targets, screening of potential drugs, development of tests using animal models, and implementation of both small-scale human testing and large-scale testing in patients. Additionally, the funds will help provide better patient and caregiver support, and also further educate healthcare professionals about neurodegenerative brain disorders.

“We are truly grateful and honored to have received such a generous contribution,” said Richard Gordon Zyne, President-CEO of CurePSP. “This gift is a wonderful acknowledgement of the vital work of the Foundation. With this contribution, we are closer to achieving our vision of a world free of PSP, CBD, MSA and related brain diseases.”