genetics-cons-croppedThe PSP Genetics Consortium is a group of neurologists, geneticists, and other neuroscientists from the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, studying the underlying genetics of PSP. The goal of this multi-national approach is to search the entire human genome for genes linked to PSP and related disorders. This search will identify previously unsuspected abnormal biochemical pathways against which scientists may be able to target therapeutic interventions.

This will be the definitive study of PSP genetics involving the sequencing and analysis of 2,000 genomes using the latest technologies and processes. The project will take us a giant step forward in understanding the origins of not only PSP but of related neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information, please email Dr. Jeff Friedman;

Support of the PSP Genetics Consortium

You can help by funding the sequencing and analysis of one or more genomes with a donation to CurePSP. For a donation of $1,500 you will get a framed map of a genome sequence that you funded. Each map is a unique and beautiful representation of the discovery that you are helping to support. In addition, as a member of the CurePSP Genetics Consortium, you will receive our periodic report of progress. Please follow this link to donate.

Consortium Members

Managing Director:

Jeffrey S. Friedman, San Diego, CA (USA)

The Founding Principal Investigators (PIs):

Data Collection, Processing, and Analyzing:

The Founding Organizational Members: