The 18th Annual CurePSP Awareness & Memorial Walk

March 31, 2021 @ 9:00 am
Virtual Event

Join CurePSP and The SW Florida Support Group for the 18th Annual CurePSP Awareness & Memorial Walk Down Memory Lane!

This year the SW Florida Support Group will be continuing its tradition of spreading hope in the community by hosting its 18th Annual CurePSP Awareness & Memorial Walk. Due to COVID-19, We feel that postponing the walk until next year will be best as everyone’s health is our top priority. In place of the physical walk, we will be honoring our 18th Annual Walk with a walk down memory lane.

Through the generosity of our extraordinary donors, we have received a matching grant of $25,000! This means your gift today can go twice as far! Our fundraiser will aim to support a drug development project that is part of a research initiative to advance novel therapeutics, and that is led and supported over multiple years by our longtime partners, the Rainwater Charitable Foundation. This research will be conducted by Dr. Sally Temple and Dr. David Butler from the Neural Stem Cell Institute. This project aims to validate a modified version of antibodies to produce this therapeutic agent inside brain cells and use a trick to activate the natural quality control machinery of a brain cell to trigger the degradation of the disease culprit (toxic tau). This technique and approach have the potential to accelerate the elimination of tau inside the cell (which will be a breakthrough) not only for those suffering PSP but also for patients suffering other neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s Diseases.

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