Wellness Wednesday with CurePSP – Michael Braitsch PT, DPT

November 4, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
Virtual Event

We are excited to announce our new series,Wellness Wednesday with CurePSP!

On the first Wednesday of every month, we will be releasing a Wellness Wednesday episode on our CurePSPTV YouTube Channel that will be available for everyone at home! Our Wellness Wednesday episodes will consist of a 30-minute video with phenomenal professionals and centers to help bring motivation and inspiration to our patients, caregivers, family, and friends. Our mission of educating and teaching the importance of overall wellness and health is important, now more than ever! While we maintain distance, it is crucial to manage our physical and mental health.

Join us on our launch date Wednesday, November 4th, 2020, at 12 pm EDT for our first episode, Introduction to Seated Tai Chi with Michael Braitsch PT, DPT. Tai Chi (Tai Chi Chuan, or Tai Ji) is an internal Chinese martial art. It is known throughout the world for its slow, meditative forms and healthful benefits. Medical research has found evidence that tai chi improves balance and general mental health. The slow, rhythmic motions stretch the muscles and joints, stimulate balance, coordination, mental focus, and promote overall health and well-being. Braitsch is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, a former amateur fighter, former kinesiology professor, and an internationally certified fight referee. In addition to treating individual patients, Braitsch runs group exercise programs steeped in leading evidence from physical therapy and exercise science to help people with chronic and progressive conditions move and feel better. Braitsch founded Tribe Wellness, LLC, in 2017 to promote exercise as a way to improve health, fight impairments, and increase the quality of life. We are excited to be part of this new wellness journey. Remember to grab some water, make some space at home, get into some comfortable workout clothing, and get ready to work!