Patient Engagement Program

CurePSP is a nonprofit organization providing awareness, education, care and cure for the devastating prime of life neurodegenerative diseases that include PSP and CBD. We have developed our unique and powerful Patient Engagement Program (PEP) to serve the pharmaceutical industry and academia in drug development. PEP provides a comprehensive package of services to help ensure the success of mission-critical clinical trials. CurePSP draws upon both its proprietary database of patient information to connect patients with clinical trials and its long experience in providing support, information and education to patients, families, care partners and healthcare professionals. We can get cohorts into clinical trials and provide the support needed to keep them there, thus improving recruitment and retention for clinical trials. Our services are provided in the spirit of partnership with pharmaceutical companies and academia supporting the shared mission of finding treatment and cure for neurodegeneration.

Our Program

The success of a clinical trial is dependent upon far more than having a list of patients. Clinical trial participation requires time, effort and, in some cases, tests and procedures that may be unpleasant. The patient needs to be motivated with the hope that clinical testing of a drug may help their condition in the immediate term and know that their efforts will help with the treatment and cure of future sufferers.

A successful clinical trial requires multilayered communication to the physicians and other healthcare professionals who will have an intimate relationship with the patient; with family members who must support the patient’s participation;  and with care partners for whom participation in a clinical trial may mean additional effort. In addition, patient participation may be difficult based on the progression of their disease and its effect on motor skills, speech and cognition.

PEP has three key services that help pharmaceutical companies and academia ensure the success of their clinical trials. These are patient recruitment, retention and outreach to physicians and other healthcare professionals. Read the press release here.


For complete details about PEP, please contact:

Dr. Kristophe Diaz
Vice President – Scientific Affairs
+1 347-394-1652