Launching the New Forum!

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CurePSP is proud to present the new forum to our community of people affected by PSP, CBD, and related prime of life brain diseases.

The previous forum was a well used and much loved space for many people to reach out and connect with others going through the same journey, sharing ideas, thoughts, and words of encouragement. The forum had been administrated and moderated by an amazing volunteer, Ed. Plowman, who, while caring for his wife Rose who suffered PSP, managed to read every single article and post on the site. He also routed out anyone suspicious that acted against the spirit of the forum, swiftly removing them before they could attempt to sell, solicit, or take advantage of our dear community.Thanks, Ed!

The new forum will be hosted and administered by Smart Patients, who, through careful vetting, proved themselves to truly understand the sensitivities and the needs of the PSP and related prime of life brain disease community. The forum will launch today, so please, sign up, log in, and offer some support and wisdom to someone who could really use it. 

About Smart Patients

Smart Patients is an online community for patients and families affected by a variety of illnesses. The goal of this platform is to provide a safe and user-friendly place for peer support, where you can share your questions and concerns with other members, and use what you learn in the context of your own experience.

The founder/CEO of Smart Patients is Roni Zeiger, a physician and social entrepreneur who believes that patients and families are the most underutilized resource in healthcare. His team has seen countless patients and families become experts in their conditions. When they come together in community, they learn from each other and remember that they are not alone.

Sign Up To The Forum Here: