Barry P. Newburger

Barry Newburger Leaves a Legacy of Hope

Barry battled PSP for more than seven years with his steadfast determination, strength, courage, and dignity. He leaves a brilliant and accomplished life as his legacy, but also he leaves the legacy of hope that we will cure the scourge of neurodegeneration for future generations. The Barry Newburger Neurological Research Fund has been established in his memory to fund research into PSP and related diseases. When he was no longer able to manage the details of his financial affairs, he filled his days with activities that focused on cerebral and physical challenges. 

Barry with wife Andrea and sons Nick(L) and Grant

He wanted to keep his symptoms manageable for as long as possible.  He went to weekly scheduled physical and speech therapy. He took daily walks with the help of an aide.  He attended a program for individuals with early onset dementias.

Barry spent many hours each day listening to books on tape when he was no longer able to read or write. Watching TV or going out to the movies were also activities that he enjoyed until he could no longer do it. 

Barry, Andrea, Nick, and Grant in 2011 on a family trip to Argentina and Uruguay

As the symptoms progressed, it became increasingly difficult for him to communicate and be understood but he never stopped trying.  When he had visitors he wore a microphone to make it easier to be heard. 

Barry had an extremely wry sense of humor even at the very end. He laughed at friends’ jokes and always enjoyed hearing stories and reminiscences.  Ironically, Barry had the uncanny ability to recall details and facts from decades earlier better than almost anyone.

Barry walking his Dad’s dog Chickie

Barry’s successful and distinguished professional life as a financial manager was a huge part of who he was before he was ill. He also deeply loved his family, his friends, and so many of the good things life has to offer.

He was an avid reader, an accomplished skier, an enthusiastic bike rider, a golfer, a hiker, and he especially enjoyed traveling and doing all of the above with his family and friends.

He had the unique qualities and temperament that made him beloved by all who had the privilege to know him.

He is greatly missed but forever in our hearts.

Nick, Andrea, Grant, and Barry on Thanksgiving 1998


In Barry’s memory, his family has established the Barry Newburger Neurological Research Fund to support scientific investigation into progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) and related diseases.


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