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Hope takes shape and is instilled at every level of our organization. Your support of CurePSP allows us to raise awareness, build community, improve care and find a cure for PSP, CBD and MSA.


CurePSP is here for our community of people diagnosed with PSP, CBD and MSA and their families through a commitment to enhancing the delivery of care, building community and providing direct support.

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  Quality of life respite program

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CurePSP empowers people diagnosed and their families with tools to understand their diagnosis and advocate for themselves. Additionaly, raising awareness of PSP, CBD and MSA among healthcare professionals and the public is a top priority.

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CurePSP is devoted to our goals to identify the causes of PSD, CBD and MSA; accelerate the development of diagnostic tests; and be a catalyst in treatments to prevent, slow, halt or even reverse disease  progression.

  Funding critical research

  Summer student research fellowships

  Building Strategic Partnerships with Industry and Foundations

  Supporting brain donations

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