Network of Support

CurePSP encourages and organizes groups that foster face-to-face communication, exchange of ideas and information, and comforting interaction for members of our community. Many people dealing with neurodegenerative disease feel that others in their lives cannot understand what they are going through, so talking with someone who has been on the journey, and who can provide insight and advice, is very beneficial. The groups are for caregivers, carepartners, family members, friends, and people with PSP, CBD, MSA, or a related disease looking for comfort and support from others in the community. They are all facilitated by our dedicated volunteers, most of whom have been on this journey and can provide unique insight from a personal perspective.

In-Person Support Groups

Meet with people to share your common experiences and management techniques in an intimate setting. Our in-person support groups provide the opportunity to take part in face-to-face communication with others going through the same thing. These groups are all facilitated by our dedicated volunteers, most of whom have been on this journey and use their own experiences to cultivate an understanding and supportive environment. 

Online Support Groups

If you cannot travel or do not feel comfortable in the intimate setting of an in-person group, not a problem. We have several amazing volunteers who run online groups that you can access with a computer or a phone, providing the insight and advice you need from wherever you are. These online groups are facilitated by our dedicated volunteers, most of whom have been on this journey and are dedicated to spreading the network of support as far as it can reach.

Peer Supporters

Many people are not ready to communicate with a group or are looking for a more one-on-one conversation about the journey they are on. We have a network of amazing volunteers who have made themselves available by phone or email for anyone who needs to talk. These peer supporters are an amazing resource for those new to the community.

Smart Patient Forum

CurePSP is proud to partner with Smart Patients to bring you this forum. It is a safe space for patient, caregivers, family members, and loved ones to ask questions, give advice, and connect with others. You can search specific questions or general topics you want to know more about and find an abundance of helpful tips and insights. We hope to create an online community where patients and families can learn and connect over the symptoms and effects of prime of life brain diseases

Support Group Leader Training

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers to join our network of support. If you have had a positive and fulfilling times with an in-person support group or have first-hand experience with neurodegenerative disease and are looking to give back, please consider starting your own support group or becoming a peer supporter. Your efforts can help widen our support services to reach more individuals affected by neurodegenerative diseases.