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Dilbiltating brain disease, documentary, CURE PSP, James Wark, Soryl AngelCurePSP encourages and organizes activities that foster face-to-face communication, exchange, and interaction of comfort and mutual benefit to group members who are caregivers, family members, friends, and persons with PSP, CBD, MSA and related diseases.

In-Person Support Groups

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Support Group Training

Our support groups are run entirely by volunteers, often they are people who have lost someone they love. We are always open to creating more support groups. If you feel you have the time and energy to run a support group, or are just interested to see what’s involved, please go through the material below. If the information makes you feel confident in your ability to facilitate a group of your own, please contact Trish Caruana, Vice President – Patient and Carepartner Advocacy, at


The CurePSP Support Group Facilitator Training Manual

Support Group Training Manual

This comprehensive manual is must-read for anybody considering becoming a volunteer Support Group Facilitator for CurePSP, and comes courtesy of Wendy Resnick, R.N., M.S., CS. It outlines everything that needs to be considered when establishing your own group, and offers best practices for running a smooth, collaborative group that everybody benefits from. 

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