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A key part of CurePSP’s mission of care, consciousness, and cure is to provide all relevant, up-to-date information on prime of life brain diseases. These resources are for patients, families, and friends seeking to educate themselves, and others, about these diseases; the causes, the symptoms, the disease trajectory, treatments, management, etc. This information is sourced from credible peer-reviewed scientific sources only, and is updated as breakthroughs in our understanding of these diseases occur.

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Doctor Finder

This useful tool will assist in finding a movement disorder specialist near you. 

A movement disorder specialist is a neurologist who has received additional training in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other movement disorders including dystonia, chorea, tics and tremors. The benefit of seeing a movement disorder specialist, is that they are usually on the cutting-edge of knowledge and treatment of PD and other movement disorders and are often best equipped to tailor a plan of care for you and your specific needs.

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Talking With Your Doctor

This informative brochure was compiled by the NIH, to help you discuss important topics with your doctor. click on the image to read the brochure, or download and print at home. 





The FTD Disorders Registry

Research offers no guarantees, but research cannot move forward without your help. Every active role a patient takes may possibly play a part in discovering new groundbreaking research and finding new treatments.

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