Resources for Healthcare Professionals 

CurePSP is committed to providing resources and information to physicians and allied healthcare professionals regarding prime of life neurodegeneration.

Given the rarity of these neurodegenerative diseases, it is crucial that CurePSP actively reach out to the medical community, not only movement disorder specialists, but various therapy specialties, nurses, social workers and home healthcare workers.

As a healthcare professional, CurePSP hopes that the following links will be helpful to you as you treat your patients and interact with persons affected by these diseases.


Articles, documents and publications

Information on SW/PT/OT/SLT for PSP, CBD/MSA

PSP – Some Answers 

CBD – Some Answers

MSA – Some Answers

PSP Rating Scale – published by CurePSP’s chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Lawrence I. Golbe

PSP Diagnosing Sheet

Identification of Common Variants Influencing Risk of the Tauopathy PSP Appearing in Nature Genetics on June 19, 2011.

Postural Imbalance and Falls in PSP Correlate with Functional Pathology of the Thalamus Appearing in Neurology on July 12, 2011. 

Rational Therapeutic Approaches to PSP Appearing in Brain: A Journal of Neurology on May 14, 2010.