Bob Pitt

The Healing Power of Art!


Robert Winn “Bob” Pitt knew he wanted to be an artist for as long as he has memory. As a three year old, living in Baltimore, Bob would communicate with his grandfather in Tennessee by mailing pictures that he had drawn. His grandfather, in turn, would send pictures back to Bob by mail. This was Bob’s earliest recollection of using art as a form of self-expression.

After leaving high school in Baltimore, Bob’s family moved back to his parents’ home state of Tennessee. Not wanting to work at a factory like his father before him, Bob served a short stint in the Navy. After his discharge, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Memphis Academy of Art. This degree launched his career in advertising. Bob’s career as Art Director spanned three decades and took him from Nashville to Miami, then on to Atlanta, where he earned a Master of Visual Arts degree from Georgia State University.

During a successful career in Atlanta, he worked on national accounts that included Delta Airlines and Six Flags Over Georgia. Bob was known in commercial art circles as a respected creative talent, and worked with some of the country’s largest advertising agencies, starting in the days recently dramatized by the AMC TV series, “Mad Men.” During his tenure as an Art Director, Bob won many awards, including the prestigious CLIO Award. Despite his success in advertising, Bob’s true passion has always been self expression through personal art projects. Bob’s style of art has evolved and changed over the decades and has covered the spectrum from realism to surrealism and spans all mediums and styles.