Volunteer with Us

If you share our passion for helping people dealing with PSP, CBD, MSA, and related brain diseases, we have many volunteer opportunities available. Help us advance our mission and vision through support, outreach, advocacy, or fundraising.

Become a Support Group Leader

For those interested in connecting with families living with PSP/CBD/MSA in your local area, we recommend starting or getting involved with a support group for patients, families and caregivers. Support groups bring people together to create hope, exchange information, join forces with fundraising initiatives, and raise the general level of awareness of PSP/CBD/MSA in your area. We offer consistent training opportunities, resources, forums and ongoing outreach efforts to empower our facilitators and keep our groups strong.


Become a Peer Supporter

Adding your information to our peer supporter list to make your contact information available to those who are looking for support (may be patients, caregivers, family members, etc) is a wonderful way to pass your knowledge about PSP/CBD/MSA on to someone who may be in search of connection. peer supporter program is extremely important to the families that we serve— being able to connect people who “speak the same language” is extraordinarily valuable for those affected by these diagnoses.


Host an Event

If you would like to help create awareness and raise funds to support the programs and services of CurePSP, we can help you plan, coordinate, and implement your special event. We have materials and fundraising tools to help make your fundraiser both fun and successful. Event examples include a mini or full walkathon, golf tournament, wine tasting, silent auction, writing campaign, and many others. Simply get in touch and we can help guide you through the process.


Get Creative! 

If you have a talent or ability that you know would help us greatly but don’t see an opportunity listed above that suits your fancy, please email info@curepsp.org

The possibilities are endless!