Announcement regarding a recent press release from Dthera Sciences

Categories: Research News

Dthera Sciences recently announced its participation in a pilot program with CurePSP on Dthera’s ReminX digital therapeutic that is intended to reduce anxiety, anger, stress, and depression among PSP patients. Data that were reported were developed from a pilot study based on initial reports from 10 participants who are patients diagnosed with PSP. The study was not conducted under clinical-trial conditions, and procedures and results were not independently reviewed. This independent review is required in clinical-research studies to ensure the validity of data. Because of this, the results of the pilot study should not be taken as an indication of the product’s effectiveness. CurePSP does not make any representation that the product is effective nor does it recommend or in any way endorse the use of the product. CurePSP has received no monetary compensation or other consideration from Dthera. We apologize for any confusion that may have been created for the patients and families we serve. This release was an inadvertent departure from our normal process of review by our Scientific Advisory Board of research and data derived from research. Thank you for supporting our fight against PSP and other prime of life neurodegenerative diseases.


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