Music Therapy Group

December 13, 2023 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Facilitators: Kerry Devlin, MMT, LPMT, MT-BC and Kyurim Kang

The CurePSP Music Therapy Group provides a platform to connect through music. Music therapy is the relational, clinical, and evidence-based use of music to accomplish individualized healthcare goals, including (but not limited to) motor functioning, improving physiological outcomes, psychosocial support, and emotional expression. Music therapy encounters facilitated by board certified music therapists (MT-BC) hold space for the lived experiences of patients with atypical parkinsonian disorders and their caregivers, positioning them as active collaborators in their care in ways that may differ from the typical medical environment. Each music therapy group will be framed around a grounding theme, incorporating opportunities to listen, sing, and move to live music and explore music-based coping strategies in community with others. No prior music experience required! This group will be led by Kerry Devlin and Kyurim Kang, neurologically-specialized music therapists from Johns Hopkins University.