Wellness Wednesday with Julie Stover

May 5, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Virtual Event
Denise Forero

Join us for a new episode of Wellness Wednesday with CurePSP, Stretching and Exercises for Caregivers!

On the first Wednesday of every month, we will be releasing a Wellness Wednesday episode on our CurePSPTV YouTube Channel that will be available for everyone at home! Our Wellness Wednesday episodes will consist of a 30-minute video with phenomenal professionals and centers to help bring motivation and inspiration to our patients, caregivers, family, and friends. Our mission of educating and teaching the importance of overall wellness and health is essential, now more than ever! While we maintain distance, it is crucial to manage our physical and mental health.

Coach Julie Stover will be leading thirty minutes of gentle, easy to follow, exercises that you can do at home to help improve mobility. For these exercises, choose a solid, stable chair. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and keep water handy!

About Speaker

Julie Stover became a certified LIVE trainer in 2015 and a certified group fitness trainer through AFAA in January 2021. Teaching has allowed her to step outside her comfort zone and meet incredible individuals along her journey. Julie loves teaching others about movement and working with individuals while they find what they enjoy. Julie says, “Seeing others take time for themselves while doing what they didn’t think was possible is so rewarding. No matter what life throws at you, keep moving your body, challenging your mind, and do what you enjoy!”

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