CurePSP Brain Tissue Donation Program

CurePSP is dedicated to our mission to raise awareness, build community, improve care and find a cure for PSP, CBD, and MSA. The vision of CurePSP is a world free of neurodegeneration, so that future generations will not have to experience the complicated care and emotional journeys of these diseases. The study of brain tissue is critical in the path towards this goal. Since the founding of the Brain Donation Assistance Program of CurePSP in 1998, we have proudly supported the donation of hundreds of brains. These donations have enabled leading scientists all over the world to advance important knowledge in prime of life neurodegenerative disorders. Brain donations are a precious gift for science, establishing a long-term legacy of scientific progress that otherwise would not be possible. Brain tissue donated through this program is carefully studied by researchers working hard to understand human neurobiology and the causes of neurodegeneration. Brain donations have led, and will lead to breakthroughs in science, the development of treatments and ultimately, cures for PSP, CBD, MSA and related diseases.

Importantly, after the donation, the next-of-kin will receive a comprehensive brain neuropathology report that outlines the confirmed pathological diagnosis, as well as other possible contributing or coincidental pathologic processes. Many families who have participated in this program have shared with us that this report offered them answers and a step towards closure after many years of navigating a complicated disease journey and caring for their loved one.

By donating your brain, you build the most powerful legacy for yourself, your family and science, as well as hope for others affected by neurodegenerative disorders. I want to share my sincere appreciation for your consideration of participating in the CurePSP Brain Donation Assistance Program. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the CurePSP team, if we can be of any assistance or support as you navigate the process of brain donation. 


CurePSP Brain Tissue Donation Program is a brochure covering all aspects of the brain donation program, including how to locate a pathologist and how to apply for financial reimbursement from CurePSP. 

Click here for the CurePSP Brain Tissue Donation Program brochure and application


For all questions about brain tissue donation, please contact:

Rachel R. LaPaille-Harwood
Brain Bank Coordinator
Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida
Office: 904-953-2439

For more urgent questions, contact Jessica Shurer, Director of Clinical Affairs and Advocacy, at  or 919-525-8355. Please note that neither CurePSP nor Mayo Clinic Brain Bank are able to respond to urgent brain donation needs 24/7 but will respond as quickly as possible. Additionally, at this time, CurePSP is not able to assist in the coordination of brain donation but is happy to provide information and support as much as we are able.

For all questions brain donation cost reimbursement, please contact:

Joanna Teters 
Support Programs Manager
Office: (347) 294-2871