The Cherie Levien Quality of Life Fund

Cherie Levien
Cherie Levien

The Cherie Levien Quality of Life Fund was created to provide direct support to those living with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), corticobasal degeneration (CBD), multiple system atrophy (MSA). With these diagnoses, care needs change and increase over time, requiring more attention and energy of family members. Research indicates that even temporary or intermittent relief of caregiving demands can help reduce stress and improve the quality of day-to-day life for patients and family care partners.

Through the provision of a $1,500 grant to be used for professional in-home care services, this fund offers family care partners with an opportunity for respite, with the peace of mind of knowing their loved one with PSP, CBD or MSA has the care that they need during that time.

Read more on the Cherie Levien Quality of Life Fund here. 

Am I Eligible?

  • Individuals must have a diagnosis of PSP, CBD, or MSA and the diagnosis must be documented by a physician (form provided below).
  • The person PSP, CBD, or MSA is living and cared for at home (not in a long-term care facility).
  • Our contracted national care provider is Griswold Home Care, please check their locations here or by calling 1-800-474-7965.
    • Important note: If you are not located in a Griswold service area, you will be required to locate and engage a local home care agency that is mutually agreed upon with CurePSP and can meet your care needs.
    • We are not able to pay for care services provided by a family member or through a professional private duty/independent caregiver.

Note: If your family has already received a grant through the Cherie Levien Quality of Life Fund in the past, we will accept re-submissions of your application one year after the initial grant was awarded. Please note: your initial grant funds must be completely used before being considered for another grant award. 

How Do I Apply?

Grant application deadlines: January 31, April 30, July 31, October 31

1. Complete the Cherie Levien Quality of Life Fund application:

a. Online at:


b. By downloading and completing the fillable PDF version of the application and mail, fax or email to Joanna Teters at:

ATTN: Joanna Teters
1216 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001

Office: 347-294-2871
Fax: 410-785-7009

2. Have the physician of the person with PSP, CBD or MSA complete and return to you the physician diagnosis verification form, and include this with your application.

Applicants will be notified of grant award status approximately two weeks after the deadline and grantees will be provided instructions on how to initiate services.

Griswold or the agreed upon home care provider will be paid directly by CurePSP – you will not need to pay for services directly. The grant of $1,500 must be used within one year of award.

Further Information and Contact

We are actively fundraising to support the sustainability and growth of this respite program and CurePSP’s other support programs in order to meet the needs of our PSP, CBD and MSA community. Please read more about the Levien Legacy Fund and learn how to donate to this wonderful program.

For any questions related to this program or for additional information or support, please contact: Joanna Teters, Support & Education Manager , at 347-294-2871 or