Investment Opportunities

We have many opportunities to invest in and be a part of our most promising initiatives and programs and leave a lasting legacy. Investment opportunities include two tiers of research programs – venture grants and enterprise grants. Legacy funds provide families and foundations a way to name a program or study in honor of a loved one. The PSP Genetics Consortium allows partnership in PSP’s biggest and first whole genome study, in collaboration with the Tau Consortium. Our Brain Bank program is an organ donation program that supports postmortem autopsies, providing final conclusive diagnoses for families struggling for answers. CurePSP reimburses costs of this donation.

CurePSP Venture Grants

CurePSP provides “seed funding” to investigators who have innovative ideas that need “proof of concept” in order to qualify for larger funding sources. We provide grants to scientists of up to $100,000 for one- or two-year studies, up to four a year. These are carefully evaluated by our distinguished global Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) in collaboration with our Director of Scientific Affairs and the Board of Directors Research Committee. Because of that, these studies offer donors the opportunity to name and be involved with hand-selected and intensively administered research that provides the greatest impact and return on investment.

If you are interested in funding and naming a study, please contact Kristophe Diaz, Executive Director and Chief Science Officer, at

CurePSP Enterprise Grants

CurePSP supports large research projects conducted by leading senior investigators at major institutions. These studies may involve a longer timeline and broader scope than our Venture Grants, and may involve joint funding from other sources. These studies have the potential of making major strides in the quest to find treatment and cure for neurodegeneration and as such provide significant opportunities for donor recognition and involvement.

If you are interested in funding and naming a study, please contact Kristophe Diaz, Executive Director and Chief Science Officer, at

The PSP Genetics Consortium


The PSP Genetics Consortium is a group of neurologists, geneticists, and other neuroscientists from the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany studying the underlying genetics of PSP. The goal of this multi-national approach is to search the entire human genome for genes linked to PSP and related disorders. The PSP Genetics Consortium is a collaboration between CurePSP and the Tau Consortium, and provides great potential for serious impact and real breakthroughs.

To learn how you can make a contribution, or partner with CurePSP in this groundbreaking study, please email Kristophe Diaz, Executive Director and Chief Science Officer, at

Brain Bank

The brain bank at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, supported by CurePSP, provides an invaluable resource to investigators by providing tissue samples for their research. It also provides a postmortem confirmation of diagnosis to families of the deceased. CurePSP reimburses families for the costs of brain donation. 

To partner with CurePSP on this program please contact us at