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Through CurePSP and FreeWill, you can create or update your will today – fast and 100% free. 

To get started just click this link, and follow the instructions. The service costs you nothing and your will is valid in all 50 states. Even if you plan to consult an attorney about your estate, you can use FreeWill ahead of time to organize your intentions before meeting with her or him. Making a will might seem time-consuming and laborious, but FreeWill makes it simple and easy.

Many of our supporters choose to leave a gift to CurePSP in their wills – leaving a gift to CurePSP will help to support our fight against neurodegenerative disease for years to come.

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To find out more, and to learn of other estate planning opportunities, please email info@curepsp.org, or call David Kemp, CurePSP President, at 802-734-1185.