Scientific American,

June 8, 2016

Obscure Disease May Offer Backdoor to New Treatments for Alzheimer’s and Other Killers

Progressive supranuclear palsy has become a test bed for therapies aimed at the tau protein thought to be behind many devastating neurodegenerative disorders.

Scientific American

Nature Medicine

November 17, 2015

Tau-driven 26S proteasome impairment and cognitive dysfunction can be prevented early in disease by activating cAMP-PKA signaling.

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New York Times

The Falls Were Bad. The Diagnosis Was Worse.

By: Sylvia Rupani-Smith

Sylvia Rupani-Smith with her mother in 2013.

“She was just standing there,” my dad told my sister, by way of explanation, “and she fell.” My mom managed a small smile, with her big swollen lip, like it was her fault, my sister told me. The three of them were living in a small apartment in Tokyo at the time. This was five years ago, in 2011, the year my mom started falling down.