A Tribute to Maria Concetta Molinaro

Take time to smell the flowers

Maria Concetta Molinaro, was born November 7, 1946 on the small island of Malta.  She was the first girl after 5 boys; a birthday gift to our grandfather.  In 1950, the entire family immigrated to the US when she was just 4 years old.

Maria traveled through a blizzard to be at her grandson’s birth.

Her infectious positivity made her loved by many. Some knew her as Maria, Connie, Nana, A caregiver a wife or a friend but to us she was Momma.


Our momma was a very spirited and vivacious woman who was faced with many challenges throughout her life, however she always approached every situation with dignity, grace, strength, and positivity. She was patient, selfless, compassionate and giving when she had nothing.  She made everyone feel welcomed and loved. She brought levity to every situation. And there was always room at the dinner table for all.

Her spirit touched all she came in contact with. She was loved by all, but had a special gift when it came to children. She gave generously of herself to help raise and care for many throughout her life and as such,  they have become an extension of her.

“He’s a young man now and I’m so proud.”
“My girl- my Best Friend- no matter how old they get – be sure to cuddle.”

She loved music, dancing and Disney world. She was always active, on the go, working or having fun. She didn’t like to stand still.  That all changed in 2009 when she started to show signs that something was wrong.  We went through almost 3 years of tiresome testing, research, and misdiagnosis.  It was a scary and difficult time for her, but she never complained. It wasn’t until she finally experienced a serious fall, that an angel, in the form of an ER doctor came into our lives.  While all of his testing suggested that she was fine, he knew by looking at her that she wasn’t and he was compelled to figure it out. After days of research, he finally came up with the diagnosis and on December 27, 2012, she was correctly diagnosed with PSP.

Mom was wide-eyed with wonder and her eyes always twinkled with joy when she smiled, but this disease took a toll on her.  First it took away her ability to see clearly, then it took away her balance and the ability to walk and do simple tasks, then it affected her speech and her ability to eat.  In such a short period of time, this incredibly strong, independent woman, lost her vitality, but her spirit remained.

Remember to always SPARKLE

She’s lived herlife with grace, dignity, independence, strength, drive, commitment, unconditional love for all, forgiveness and selflessness. She was witty, sarcastic, fun and funny. On July 4th, 2016, she gave up her battle and moved on to a better place. She passed very peacefully in the comfort of her own home surrounded by her two daughters, family and friends.

We are unbelievably grateful for having been blessed to have such an incredible woman as our mom. She wasn’t just a mom, she was a hero, a sister and a best friend. She will be missed and loved for eternity. We know her spirit is with us always and we can only hope to be a reflection of who she was.

“My Sis – No matter how old you get never forget that KID inside.”

She is at peace, and rests among the stars. We know she is dancing with the Angels. Now every 4th of July, we will look up into the sky and remember just how extraordinary she was.


“My girl – my best friend – laugh often.”On behalf of our family, we thank you for your support in our mission for a cure.
“My grandson- the Apple of my eye.”








In memory of this extraordinary woman and to celebrate her 70th Birthday, we are looking to fund raise $7,000 in her name for CurePSP. This money will help fund clinical trials for the cure and assist those suffering with this terrible disease in getting proper care. On behalf of our family, we thank you for your support in our mission for a cure.


All donations made on this page are made in memory of Maria Molinaro. For donations by check, please make check out to Cure PSP, Inc.  Indicate on the check, “In memory of Maria Molinaro.” Mail check to Diane Seegull at CurePSP, 30 East Padonia Rd., #201, Timonium, MD 21093. Thank you for your generosity and for your recognition of the exceptional life and legacy of Maria Molinaro.