Advancing PSP and CBD Research: CurePSP Announces Latest Pathway and Pipeline Grant Recipients

Mar 14, 2024 By Oscar Sullivan

NEW YORK, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CurePSP has awarded its latest Pathway and Pipeline Grants, totaling approximately $400,000. Recipients of the grants are: Dr. Kathryn Bowles, Group Leader at University of Edinburgh; Dr. Maura Malpetti, Research Fellow at University of Cambridge; Dr. Jessica Rexach, Assistant Professor at UCLA; and Dr. Yang You, Assistant Professor at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. The studies will make progress in understanding the basic neurobiology of PSP and CBD and in developing biomarkers to improve diagnosis and treatment.

The latest Pathway grants will fund two projects: “Investigating mitochondrial dysfunction as an early pathogenic mechanism of primary tauopathies, using MAPT splicing mutation iPSC-organoids” by Dr. Kathryn Bowles, and “Defining the unique immunogenetic landscape of PSP compared to related dementias” by Dr. Jessica Rexach.

The newest Pipeline grants will fund two projects: “Blood-based fingerprints of neuroinflammation in people with PSP and CBD” by Dr. Maura Malpetti, and “Characterization of plasma-derived extracellular vesicle proteomics for biomarker development of PSP and CBD” by Dr. Yang You.

“Together, these grants reflect CurePSP’s commitment to funding junior investigators working in high-priority research areas that will help advance our understanding and treatment of PSP and CBD,” said Dr. Jennifer Brummet, Associate Director of Scientific Affairs and Partnerships at CurePSP. “There is a critical need to improve our understanding of PSP and CBD and to improve diagnosis, and these grants will help move the field forward.”

About CurePSP’s Research Grants 
Pathway and Pipeline Grants provide seed funding to support innovative projects focused on the fundamental neurobiology and mechanisms of tauopathies (“Pathway”), and translational projects focusing on new therapeutics and biomarkers for tauopathies (“Pipeline”). The next deadline for Pathway and Pipeline Grant applications is March 28, 2024. Learn more about our research grants here.