Doing it for John: Bonelli Music Bash Returns for a Seventh Straight Year

Sep 27, 2022 By Oscar Sullivan


Lois Bonelli never has to worry if enough people will attend her event. As she prepares for the 7th Annual Bonelli Music Bash to honor her late husband John, Lois is excited to welcome back musicians and supporters who have been coming since the beginning. One of John’s brothers, Matt, is also a musician who played with the Bee Gees, and every year Lois tasks him with gathering his friends to fill the All That Jazz Cafe in Sunrise, Florida with live music and good spirits to remember one of their own.

“It’s a big community so a lot of people know each other,” Lois said. “The musicians come and donate their music and have a great time along with everyone in attendance.”  

The event has always been at the All That Jazz Cafe, a local spot they secured because Matt used to give the owner bass lessons. John attended the first two events, unable to play but sitting in the crowd with a glowing smile and lots of clapping. Music seems to run in the family, and John and Lois’ son Chris is also a musician. He has played bass in every Bash, and Lois credits him for anchoring the two virtual years, with his band contributing online performances both times.

Lois runs the silent auction that continues to set new fundraising records. People donate gift cards, spa days, as well as high-end jewelry for the auction, and Lois feels encouraged by the increasing awareness for PSP while also knowing that there is always more room to grow. She works in a hospital where she likes to educate people about these atypical parkinsonisms, and enjoys the event space because it can be both social and informative. She says that people look forward to seeing each other and look forward to supporting CurePSP.

“It’s a place where people can relax and enjoy good music — it’s that simple,” Lois said. “While raising money for a great cause.”

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