Now Hiring: Marketing Manager

Jul 02, 2024 By Sabrina Da Rocha

CurePSP seeks a Marketing Manager to work as part of the Marketing and Communications Team, reporting to the Director of Marketing and Communications. This team primarily focuses on amplifying the work of all CurePSP pillars and oversees the identity and brand of the organization. This team crafts and directs storytelling and manages the concept and design and implementation of the communication strategies internally and externally at CurePSP. This key role presents the opportunity to work alongside, and on behalf of diagnosed individuals, family care partners, medical professionals, and other stakeholders to achieve these efforts. The Marketing and Communications Team partners with the Patient & Care Partner Advocacy Team, Research Team, Events and Fundraising Team, Executive Director, volunteer committees, and other organizations to carry out responsibilities and priorities. This is a non-exempt position.

How to apply:

Please send resume/CV and cover letter to:

Sabrina Da Rocha, Director of Marketing and Communications, at