Art Show In memory of Lucian Chavez Jr.

Chris Chavez will be presenting her work at Arts Goggle, a 15-block art and music festival on Magnolia Street, in the Historic Fairmount neighborhood of Fort Worth, TX.

The event is to be held on October 8, 2016, from 12pm - 10pm

From Chris Chavez: "I became the sole caregiver to my brother Lucian Chavez who was diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. He graduated from Polytechnic High School, where his drumming career began. He traveled all over the U.S. with his band, The Shoppe. After living in Oregon for 25 years, he returned home to his beloved Texas. 

As a caregiver, one often forgets about oneself in attempt to give all time, attention, energy and love to the one so desperately in need. This disease ultimately took my brother’s life and an enormous piece of my heart. I had forgotten what a sense of calm and concentration felt like until I found watercolor painting. Now it is something I do every single day and I dedicate all of my work to my brother. The vibrant colors are inspired by my visits to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where balconies of flowers drape over the haciendas and I am engulfed by so many variations of color. I hope my work may evoke a sense of connectedness and humanity from my audience because flowers have been such a symbolic gift of life, death, friendship and love.

Lucian was initially misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease because many doctors thought his symptoms fit. It was not until an appointment with UT Southwestern Medical Center that we were finally able to put a name to this rare disease that ultimately took his life. Lucian will be forever missed by all who knew him.

All proceeds from the selling of my work will be donated to the CurePSP Organization in hopes of finding a cure one day."

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