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Neurodegeneration doesn’t just afflict the elderly. There is a spectrum of brain diseases that strike in the prime of life when people often have family responsibilities, careers and active lives. But there is great hope, with research accelerating, clinical trials underway and new discoveries each year. CurePSP is leading the way as the foundation providing awareness, education, care and cure for prime of life neurodegenerative diseases. Please join us on this journey.

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Dr. Jeffrey Friedman

Dr. Friedman is leading a global team of investigators in an effort to identify every gene mutation associated with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) by sequencing up to 3,000 genomes.

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Last Dance at the Savoy

Actress and author Kathryn Leigh Scott tells the poignant story of her journey with her husband Geoff Miller along the inevitable trajectory of PSP. Kathryn’s important new book, Last Dance at the Savoy, tells this story with wisdom, humor and humility.

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The Golf Day in honor of Andrew Sczcerba raised more than $11,000! It was a beautiful sunny day with a great turn out and everybody enjoyed themselves thoroughly. These events are the backbone of CurePSP, and we couldn't continue our mission without them.

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A very compelling study on a possible prevention of Alzheimer's by targeting tau. neurosciencenews.com/alzheime…

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