Brain Bank

Eloise H. Troxel Memorial Brain Bank

Brain donation is a gift given voluntarily out of concern for living loved ones and future generations.

Brain donation to the Eloise H. Troxel Memorial Brain Bank aids scientists in finding the cause and cure for progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal degeneration, and multiple system atrophy. The examination of brain tissue is vital to PSP, CBD and MSA research and care.

The simple procedure, which will not interfere with funeral or burial plans, may also benefit immediate family members as more is learned about the genetics of the diseases. Valuable information attained from this gift will improve the quality of life for future generations. Thank you for considering this gift of knowledge.

For all questions about brain tissue donation, please contact:

Jessica Tranovich

Brain Bank Coordinator,

Mayo Clinic


The CurePSP Brain Tissue Donation Fund provides financial assistance of up to $750 to families who wish to donate brain tissue but may have financial constraints. If your family needs assistance with the tissue collection costs, please call Joanna Teters at 347-294-2871 to obtain more information about financial help and reimbursement.

Alex Klein Vice President - Scientific Affairs, CurePSP 917-499-9310