Ask the Expert: Assessing Cognitive Changes with PSP, CBD and MSA

December 12, 2022 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Virtual Webinar
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Join CurePSP for Ask the Expert on Assessing Cognitive Changes with PSP, CBD and MSA on December 12, 22 at 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET!

People diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), corticobasal degeneration (CBD) and multiple system atrophy (MSA) frequently report changes to cognitive functioning as the disease progresses. This is particularly a symptom experienced in PSP. Mild cognitive deficits can be present at time of diagnosis and are often in the areas of processing, organization and attention. Acknowledging changes in memory and thinking can be scary, but ignoring them only leads to more challenges with care and safety. Neuropsychological evaluations provide objective and comprehensive assessments of cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as systematically investigate behavioral and psychiatric disturbances that may also be present, such as anxiety or personality changes. In this webinar, Dr. Travis Turner, neuropsychologist at the CurePSP Center of Care at the Medical University of South Carolina, will provide a brief overview of the cognitive changes associated with PSP, CBD and MSA, describe the neuropsychological evaluation process and discuss how the information obtained informs diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning.


About Travis Turner, PhD

Travis H. Turner, PhD, is assistant professor and director of the Neuropsychology Division at the Medical University of South Carolina. He is also senior clinical director of Movement Disorders at WCG-VeraSci. He studied psychology and neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh, earned his doctorate in clinical psychology through San Diego State University and the University of California, San Diego, and completed internship and postdoctoral training at Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). He has been active in clinical and research efforts with the Movement Disorders program at MUSC for over 15 years. Clinical activities include neuropsychological evaluations and focused interventions for patients with Parkinsonian disorders. His research program is aimed at developing new ways to measure and treat neuropsychiatric symptoms in movement disorders. Current projects include standardization of computerized behavioral saccade tests, neuropsychological assessment via videoconferencing (i.e., telemedicine), and clinical trials. He supervises neuropsychology postdoctoral fellows and provides training to graduate students, medical students, interns, and residents. When he’s not working, he enjoys fishing, building furniture, and spending time with his family. 

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