Online Support Groups

CurePSP-sponsored online support groups allow participants the opportunity to interact with other patients, caregivers, and family members affected by PSP, CBD, MSA, or related brain diseases by using their computer, telephone (charges may be incurred), or both. By using a computer the facilitator is able to share their screen with the attendees, and can share documents, images, and other visual aids. This has proven to be a very helpful feature for the sessions. 


  • Click the meeting link, and register for the online program.
  • At the meeting time, use your computer to go online and follow the meeting link for your group below.
  • Follow the prompts and choose to either listen in with your computer’s microphone and speakers, or follow the instructions to dial in with your phone (instructions also included below).  

For more information about the meetings, please contact the Facilitator. If you have other questions, please email

People with PSP

Carepartners of People with PSP

Adult Children of People with PSP

People with CBD and their Carepartners

People with MSA

Carepartners of People with MSA

Carepartners Dealing with Advanced PSP