Light Of Day Grant CurePSP $80,000

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CurePSP President, David Kemp, with Tony Pallagrosi, Executive Director of Light of Day
David Kemp, CurePSP President, with Tony Pallagrosi, Light of Day Executive Director, presenting the matching grant.

Early in 2017, Tony Pallagrosi confirmed that the Light of Day Foundation would be repeating the $80,000 matching grant challenge with CurePSP. 

CurePSP created a campaign to our donors and supporters, in letters and online, and the results far exceeded our expectations. 

Our community raised $160,000 in answer to the challenge, meaning together we raised an incredible $240,000 to go towards CurePSP’s programs of research, support and services for patients.

We could not have done it without the support of caring, generous individuals that made the decision to make a difference, so from everyone at CurePSP, and the community of people facing PSP, CBD and MSA around the U.S., we thank you sincerely. We would also like to thank the Light of Day Foundation for their ongoing support of our mission.

The Light of Day is a registered charity that utilizes the awesome power of music to raise money and awareness in its continuing battle to defeat Parkinson’s disease and related illnesses such as PSP and ALS within our lifetime.

While Light of Day started as a birthday party for founder, close friend and band manager Bob Benjamin (Joe D’Urso & Stone Caravan, Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers), Light of Day’s relationship with CurePSP began in 1998 when co-founder and executive director Tony Pallagrosi’s mother was diagnosed with PSP. Tony remembers the struggle of finding a physician who could identify the illness that gripped his mother; it took two years and several visits to neurologists until they confirmed the terrible diagnosis of PSP. Dolores passed away four years later. It was that struggle that inspired Tony to partner with CurePSP, who provided them with information, resources and support, and in 2013 they created the first matching grant campaign named in honor of Dolores Pallagrosi.

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