John Royer, thoughts of a PSP patient

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This is the third installment from John Royer, our correspondent with PSP. 

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john-royer-and-wife_2You can find out all you want about PSP by searching the Internet. You will find that there are PSP sites in all the countries that speak English. I can’t speak for countries that do not speak it because I only know English. I know for sure that Australia and Canada have PSP sites as well as the United Kingdom and ours.

You will find, however, that there are more trials going on then you are aware of. At least, trials that I was aware of. PSP is a neurological disorder that is closely related to Alzheimer’s disease. The reason for the upswing of the number of trials of new drugs is because there are so many people with Alzheimer’s disease and with Parkinson’s disease as well. This is a larger client base than the one for PSP. Therefore, a cure for one will lead to a cure for the others which will in turn generate millions of dollars of income for the drug companies. I do not find this insulting to me as a patient because I know that the dollar drives all economies and no drug company is altruistic. I have a medical stock myself and I like to see it go up in price.

Therefore, the cure for neurological disorders is not only good for the patient but it is good for the economy. All we can hope for is that a cure will be found for those of us who are getting older and sicker.

And on a lighter note, I would like to go into a time machine and take a look at the future. I would find the company that discovers a cure. Then I would come back, buy the stock, and get rich and better. Hopefully, the drug would be discovered before I ended up dead.

Dead is bad.


Godspeed to all of us as we wander through life with this weird ailment.


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