Vision and Mission


Awareness, education, care, and cure for devastating Prime of Life neurodegenerative diseases.


A World Free of PSP, CBD and Related Brain Diseases

CurePSP 25th Anniversary

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of CurePSP, largely thanks to the support of Johns Hopkins and Dr. Ted Dawson, Dr. David Zee and Dr. Steven Reich, along with Dr. Larry Golbe. Each of these individual, along with an army of volunteers, were vital to the successful launch of the Society for PSP, now CurePSP, and each has continued that support in recent years. 

In recognition of this important milestone, CurePSP hosted an intimate dinner on October 15, 2015, in Baltimore, Maryland, at The Prime Rib restaurant for these pioneers and those who have continued to carry the torch, including Dr. Zoltan Mari, Alex Pantelyat, and Becky Dunlop. In addition, community supporters, members of the CurePSP Board of Directors and leadership, including Board Chair, Bill McFarland, Board Member, Amy Branch, CurePSP President, David Kemp, and staff members Dr. Alex Klein, Trish Caruana and Kathy Speca participated in the celebration. 

Since it was founded in 1990, CurePSP has funded more than 160 research studies primarily in PSP and the related disease corticobasal degeneration (CBD). CurePSP is now the leading source of information and support for patients and their families, caregivers, researchers, doctors and other healthcare professionals.